Showing with IMEHA

IMEHA is the oldest and longest running model horse photo association in US and Internationally. It's history began in 1984 as a mail in photo club. With the advent of the computer IMEHA was the first photo club to go online using a PHP program to run the shows. In 2014 we are holding our 18th year of running online model horse photo shows.

IMEHA offers a Judges and Showers Guidebook for competing in model horse performance events and an extensive matching class list. Please check for the Guidebook listed over in the menu column. It has a lot of photos and diagrams to improve your performance horse entries.

IMEHA offers a Judges and Showers Conformation Evaluation Guide for studying, judging and competing in model horse breed conformation classes. Please check for the Conformation Guide over in the menu column. It has a lot of photos and diagrams to improve your breed conformation horse entries and to educate you in evaluating and judging model horses in relationship to real horses.

IMEHA offers a Color Guide, complete with photos and links to illustrate just what color your model is. It compliments the Color Class Shows that IMEHA offers. We are the only club online to offer color classes in their own shows, separate from a regular show.

IMEHA also sets a new precedence in online model horse showing by offering Mold Shows which gives all molds, even those that are not often placed, a chance to compete in even territory as the molds are judged against their own mold and not against an assigned breed.

IMEHA also offers a Doll Handler Show, Diorama or Scene Show and a Saddle and Tack Maker Show. Check those out under the Miscellaneous Class List link.

We currently have 1486 members showing and run 69 divisions of shows every month. There are over 113,855 models competing. IMEHA has ran 380662 classes through it's database held within 4043 shows and has each and every one of these classes for viewing along with the photos of the entries. To date there are 1,801,046 entries that have been entered with IMEHA. IMEHA site is translated into 57 different languages and we have entrants from all over the world. IMEHA offers free monthly photo shows but does rely upon donations and benefits to keep the site up and the shows running. IMEHA is a non profit association and has a board of directors.

IMEHA Board of Directors 2014:
Cynthia Jameson - President
Joanna Richardson - Vice President
Jean Derench
Sallie George
Julia Gronroos
Stephanie Michel
Tammy West

IMEHA has a message board on Yahoo. If you are interested in showing with IMEHA it is advised that you join this message group for model horse discussions pertaining to photo showing and for up to the minute updates on shows IMEHA Message Group

For futher information click on link to Guidelines and check out the other links in the menu column.

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