International Model Equine Hobbyists Association
24th Anniversary National Celebration
Model Paws & Hooves Show Mail In Show

Judge: Cynthia Jameson
October 9, 2009


Totals Entrants: 37 - 9,679 Photos Total

Savannah Asanti - 1008p (SAS)
Sara Avery - 478p (SAV)
Norma Blackwell - 504p (NBL)
Randi Brazil - 132p (RBR)
Sorrell Cimmarusti - 642p (SCI)
Irene Lynn Conrad - 219p(ILC)
Ula Dansk - 478p (ULD)
Ilaria Dotti - 98p (IDO)
Traci Durrel-Khaliffe - 71p (TDK)
Sallie George - 805p (SGE)
Angel Gordon - 124p (AGO)
Mary Ann Slick - 54p (MAS)
Karen Harper - 139p (KHA)
Karla Hartley - 30p (KHY)
Carol Heck - 566p (CHE)
Wendy Hinson - 95p (WHI)
Haila Hitt - 382p (HHI)
Sue Hutzel - 212p (SHU)
Kimberly Jacobs - 234p (KBJ)
Marilyn Jensen - 608p (MJE)
Liz Jones - 199 p (LJO)
Lynn Kibbe - 189p (LKI)
Rebecca Moore - 33p (RMO)
Kay Myers -174p (KMY)
Robin Nere - 214p(RNE)
Marie Phillips - 460p(MPH)
Julia Pieper - 144p (JPI)
Joanna Richardson - 93p (JRI)
Emily Rodgers - 34p (ERO)
Linda Sallman - 509 (LSA)
Michael Semchison -14p (MSE)
Sue Sudekum - 205p (SSU)
Kaley Sutton - 7p (KSU)
Nisse Taunt - 218p (NTA)
Bette Thatcher -10p (BTH)
Janice Williford - 191p (JWI)
Stephen Williford - 44p (SWI)


Click on any division and be taken directly to results and photos of top winners:

Division A: CM/AR Equine Performance
Division B: OF Equine Performance
Division C: OF Breyer or Other Plastic Traditional Equine Halter
Division D: CM Traditional Eguine Halter
Division E: Artist Resin Traditional Halter
Division F: OF Peter Stone Traditional Halter
Division G: OF China/Resin Open Halter
Division H: OF Micro Mini, SM, or LB or Classic Halter
Division I: CM & AR Micro Mini, SM or LB or Classic Halter
Division J: Micro Mini, SM or LB or Classic Open Performance
Division K: OF & CM Dogs & Wild Canine
Division L: OF & CM Domestic Cats & Wild Cats
Division M: OF & CM Farm/Pet/Other Animals
Division N: Real Animals
Division O: Novice Equine Performance
Division P: Novice Equine OF Halter
Division Q: Novice Equine CM Halter
Division R: Vintage OF Traditional Model Equine Halter - Any Material
Division S: Vintage CM Traditional Model Equine Halter - Any Material
Division T: Vintage OF MM, SM, LB, CL Model Equine Halter
Division U: Vintage CM MM, SM, LB, CL Model Equine Halter
Division V: Vintage OF Traditional Equine Performance
Division W: Vintage CM Traditional Equine Performance
Division X: Vintage MM, SM, LB, CL Open Equine Performance
Division Y: CM or AR Model Equine Showmanship Presentation
Division Z: OF Model Equine Showmanship Presentation
Division AA: CM or AR Model Equine Headstudy
Division BB: OF Model Equine Headstudy

Please allow time for all photos to load.  These are graphic intense pages!  Click on any photo to go to a larger version for better viewing. All photos on these results pages are copyrighted by the owners and can not be used for any other purpose than for this show result.

Note: When scanning images I used my own discretion to crop excess background out of the photos in order to bring the subject to a larger viewpoint for the computer monitor.  That way viewers can see them better.   Especially performance photos to see tack or dolls better.


Explaination of Awards:
All the names entered into the show were put into a bowl and drawn out in succession. Once everyone received a prize all the names were put back into the bowl and we started drawing them out again until all the awards were given away. So this year everyone won something just for attending the show.  

Sponsor's Donation of Tangible Items

  1. $25.00 Starbuck's Card donated by Sue Sudekum
  2. The Quoteable Horse Lover donated by Lynn Kibbe
  3. OF CA Black and White Resin Cat donated by Lynn Kibbe
  4. Flopsie Chief donated by Lynn Kibbe
  5. Mini Whinnies #1 donated by Marie Phillips
  6. Mini Whinnies #2 donated by Marie Phillips
  7. Resin Sporting Pointer Dog donated by Robin Nere
  8. Resin Comic Pony donated by Robin Nere
  9. Comm. Standard Oil Horse Drawn Wagon and Two Horse Draft Team donated by Robin Nere
  10. Rio Rondo Light Horse Halter Kit donated by Robin Nere
  11. Custom Old English Sheepdog Bitch and Puppy by and donated by Karla Zdroik
  12. Custom Black and Tan Afhan by and donated by Karla Zdroik
  13. Mini Police Officer and GSD donated by Janice Williford
  14. Set of 10 mini glass dogs donated by Janice Williford
  15. Set of horse, dog and cow animated toys donated by Janice Williford
  16. Resin bull donated by Janice Williford
  17. Resin Burmese Cat donated by Janice Williford
  18. Custom Samoyed Dog by Janice with photo disc and donated by Janice Williford
  19. Stablemate set of light posts donated by Janice Williford
  20. Stablemate TB horse donated by Janice Williford
  21. Set of 2 Resin Polar Bears donated by Sallie George
  22. Cowardly Lion Barbie doll donated by Sallie George
  23. Set of 3 barrel Racing Barrels donated by Sallie George
  24. Custom Wire Haired Pointer donated by Sallie George
  25. AR Bay Foal and Mare 1/200 donated by Sallie George
  26. Lemax Split Rail Fence donated by Angel Gordon
  27. Stablemate Jump donated by angle Gordon
  28. G.I. Joe Raft and Paddle (perfect for Water Rescue donated by Sallie George
  29. TR Stone Fence done by Kim Nader and donated by Sallie George
  30. Horse halters donated by Jody Piche
  31. Dog collars donated by Jody Piche
  32. Cat collar donated by Jody Piche


    Savannah Asanti - $25.00
    Norma Blackwell - $50.00
    Irene Lynn Conrad - $10.00
    Traci Durrell-Khalife - $2.00
    Sorreil Cimmarusti $20.00
    Carol Heck - $20.00
    Haila Hitt - $20.00
    Sallie George - $20.00
    Kim Jacobs - $8.00
    Marilyn Jensen - St Judes Childrens Hospital - $20.00
    Liz Jones - $5.00
    Lynn Kibbe - $20.00
    Rebecca Moore - $10.00
    Kay Myers - $20.00
    Emily Rodgers - $2.00
    Linda Sallman - $50.00
    Total $282.00 for the 3 Charities - $94.00 each

    Thanks to the above sponsors IMEHA gave a check away to:
    The ASPCA National Chapter, Feed The Children and St Jude's Childrens Hospital and we wrote a check to each them for $94.00.   High Fives to You All!


    Early Bird Award International: Ilaria Dotti - Italy
    Early Bird USA: Robin Nere
    First From OZ: Wendy Hinson
    First Donation Box: Sallie George
    Best Vintage Collection of OF Breyers: Karen Harper
    Largest Number of Photos: Savannah Asanti - 1208 Photos!
    Most Artistic Photobacks: Sorrell Cimmarusti
    Best Rubber Stamp or Logo: Ula Dansk
    Most Photogenic Address Label: Marilyn Jensen
    Most Concise Photo Back: Julia Pieper
    Cutest Corner Sticker for ID: Janice Williford - Hand Drawn
    Best Description of Performance Execution: Robin Nere
    Outstanding Costume and Period Themes: Kimberly Jacobs
    Best Vintage OF FAS Challenge Winner: Comanche o/b Karen Harper

    Please excuse my typos!


    I now pack my tent and head off into the sunset to enjoy retirement. This is the final Celebration Show and I'm so happy those of you who regularly supported this show and donated to our chosen charities came this one last time to celebrate with me. Twenty-five years is a long time to be running an annual show and it was always a lot of fun. We didn't break our record and that is extremely disappointing to me. But it will just have to do so I'll put on my Roy Rogers and Dale Evans theme song and say "Happy Trails to You!"
    Yours truly in models, Cynthia Jameson

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