Beginning January 1, 2000 IMEHA has started an Honor Roll Prgram where you can request your top model horses a permanent placement in four Hall Of Fame Programs. You best horses can be immortalized on the internet. Here is all the information so far.

IMEHA is proud to announce the IMEHA Honor Roll Program for 2000.

The program is as follows:
Any horse or longear to achieve the folowing:

Superior Event Award: IMEHA shows the spolight on horses and longears that have achieved the outstanding accomplishment of 2500 plus points in one event in either or combined mail/online photo shows & live shows.

This Hall of Fame closed offically on August 14, 2010 due to the php show program assigning a medallion when the entry reaches the Supreme Champion level.   Since this award is assigned to a single photo entry it has made this Hall of Fame obsolete.

Visit the 115 horses that made it into this Hall of Fame.

Register of Merit: A total of 5,000 points or more in either photo or live shows in halter and performance divisions.

Supreme Champion: A total of 10000 or more points in either photo or live shows in both halter & performance and must hold at least 5 NAN cards in halter & performance or have at least 5 Championships in photo competition.

Paragon Award: A total of 100000 or more points in either photo or live shows in both halter & performance and must hold at least 50 NAN cards in halter & performance or have at least 50 Championships in photo competition.

Points are tabulated as follows:

Points are retroactive since 1996. Please send via email only the final total tally of points but if a questions rises concerning your points be ready to send in your figures you used to verify the total. You do not have to be a member of IMEHA to achieve The IMEHA Honor Roll Program. You may use any show for your points,. It does not have to be an IMEHA sponsored show to earn this award. When you send in your total points and request for Honor Roll Status send in also a jpg format photo of the horse/longear requesting Status. Photo must be less than 500 pixtels in size please. One request and photo please per email. You are not limited in the amount of horses to Request for Honor Roll Status. The resulting horses/longears will be IMEHA Inducted into the Honor Roll Shine and posted on the Webpage. A horse may achieve all three awards concurrently with proper points submitted. In the case of horses submitting awards that requite both halter and performance, please choose a photo that you feel represents the horse (only one photo per submission please.)

Send your Honor Roll Request to honor your champions on the net. Please make your file names only 8 letters.

Example of Request:

Please put Honor Roll Request in the subject line of your email.
Any questions or comments....just email me.

Here are the links to the Albums that are holding these champions.

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