IMEHA Superior Event Horses or Longears

IMEHA shows the spolight on horses and longears that have achieved the outstanding accomplishment of 2500 plus points in one event in either or combined mail/online photo shows & live shows.

This Hall of Fame closed offically on August 14, 2010 due to the php show program assigning a medallion when the entry reaches the Supreme Champion level.   Since this award is assigned to a single photo entry it has made this Hall of Fame obsolete.

Visit the 115 horses that made it into this Hall of Fame.

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Elvis Impersonator - Superior Event #1: Elvis Impersonator Bay John Mule 6 y/o Superior Event Horse #1 2607 points in Western Event Classes. 42 NAN cards to date 6/8/01! Shown by Cynthia Jameson now owned by Holly Wheeler.

Macaroni - Superior Event #2: Macaroni; Paint Stallion, 5 y/o o/b Myla Pearce CM ISH by Lynn Baum von Meyer Superior Event Horse #2 2996 points in Custom/Paint Halter

Kelo Connection - Superior Event #3 Kelo Connection Paint Stallion 6 y/o o/b Sheri Hoikka 3215 points in halter.

Copper Ding - Superior Event #4 Copper Ding QH Palomino Stallion 6 y/o o/b Corinne Ensor Superior Event Horse #4 2678 points in halter.

Pay Day - Superior Event #5 Payday; British Spotted Pony Stallion 6 y/o o/b Colette Robertson Superior Event Horse #5 4134 points in halter

Mr Teton Tips - Superior Event #6 Mr Teton Tips Appaloosa Gelding 4 y/p CM BHR WP by Debbie Herzman o/b Debbie Herzman Superior Event Horse #7 2615 in Western Events. 2 NAN cards, Top Ten NAN Placer, MEPSA Qualifer in 5 Events.

Hunter - Superior Event #7 Hunter; Aged Gelding OF BHR Hunter in Grsy o/b Debbie Herzman Superior Event Horse #8 2515 points in English Events.

Zips Moonshadow - Superior Event #8 Zips Moonshadow, Appaloosa Mare CM Lady Phase by Laurie Jo Jensen Owner: Jennifer Lowe Superior Event Horse #8 3007 points in Custom Halter

Diamondot Buccaneer - Superior Event #9 Diamondot Buccaneer Appaloosa gelding, 5 year old CM BHR Hunter RP by Debbie Herzman Owner - Debbie Herzman 2515 points in English Events - E/Pleasure, E/Trail & Other English

Elvis Impersonator - Superior Event #10 Superior Event #10 English Division Elvis Impersonator Bay Saddle Mule John 6 y/o #747 OF Brown Mule -3134 points in English Events 8 NAN Cards in English Division 8/1/00 - Shown by Cynthia Jameson now owned by Holly Wheeler.

Elvis Impersonator - Superior Event #11 Other Division: Elvis Impersonator; Bay Saddle Mule John 6 y/o #747 OF Brown Mule Cynthia Jameson 2909 points in Other Performance Divison - 19 NAN cards in Other 9/1/02 - Shown by Cynthia Jameson now owned by Holly Wheeler.

Cutty Shark - Superior Event Horse #12 English: Cutty Shark OF BHR ASB - 8 year old gelding owned by Debbie Herzman 986 points English Pleasure 683 points Saddleseat/Park 263 points Harness 683 points Other English Performance ( sidesaddle/bareback) Live Show and Photo Show Champion / 3 NAN cards / MEPSA Fine harness champion.

RD - Superior Event Horse - Western #13 Other Performance: RD 6 year old quarter horse OF BHR Western Pleasure Horse Owned By Debbie Herzman 1326 points - Western Pleasure 1250 points - Western trail 286 points - Other Western Performance 2862 points total 8 NAN cards / NAN top 10 Finisher / MEPSA Reserve Champion OF Trail Horse Live Show and Photo Show Champion.

Superlative Degree - Superior Event Horse - #14 English: Superlative Degree, Trakehner Stallion, Bay, 13 y/o OF Breyer "Keen" SR "Ahlerich" Owner: Sara Donovan Superior Event #14 2631 points in OF English Events Extras: He's earned 3 NAN cards, 1 NAN Top-10 (English Pleasure), and he is a multi-champion in both live and photo shows.

Comanche's Image - Superior Event Horse #15 - Other Performance: Comanche's Image, Appaloosa Stallion, black blanket, 8 y/o, OF Stud Spider, Owner:Joanna Richardson 2743 points in Other Performance

Hendrikus - Superior Event Horse #16 - English Performance: Hendrikus, Gelderland Gelding, liver chestnut, 10 y/o OF Breyer Roemer Owner: Joanna Richardson 4319 points in English Performance

The Dreamtime - Superior Event Horse #17 - Appaloosa Mare, bay blanket, 3 y/o CM BHR Cantering Hunter, Customised by Karen Grimm Owner: Joanna Richardson 3705 points in English.

Doll N Paradise - Superior Event Horse #18 - Appaloosa filly, bay, 6 month, Stone Weanling 'Bobo', Owner: Joanna Richardson 2711 points in OF Halter

Buckydot - Superior Event Horse #19 - OF BHR warrior Horse / test run - master color, Owner - Debbie Herzman.
2612 points Native American Costume / 7 NAN Cards
Open & photo show champion / MEPSA & TOPSA Champion
2000 NAN Reserve National Champion OF Costume Champion
TOPSA OF performance Hall of Fame

Freedom's Legacy - Superior Event Horse #20 - Appaloosa Stallion / 4 yr old CM BHR Reiner / repaint by Debbie Herzman, Owner - Debbie Herzman, 2906 points - Reining / 678 points cattle events / 200 points - games classes/ 10 NAN cards / live show & Photo show champion performance & overall CM Champion/MEPSA Champion / NAN Top 10 / 2000 NAN Reserve National Champion

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