IMEHA Superior Event Horses or Longears

This Hall of Fame closed offically on August 14, 2010 due to the php show program assigning a medallion when the entry reaches the Supreme Champion level.   Since this award is assigned to a single photo entry it has made this Hall of Fame obsolete.

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Gunner - Superior Event #21: Paint Horse Stallion / 4 year old/ OF Special Run BHR Reiner/ Owner - Debbie Herzman/ 2552 points - Reining / 1410 points cattle events / 562 points games / 10 NAN Cards / live show & photo show OF performance & overall champion / NAN top 10 placings

Lola Paloosa - Superior Event #22: Appaloosa Indian Pony/ OF Breyer Indian Pony/ Owner - Debbie Herzman / 2987 Points Native American Costume / 6 NAN Cards / Open & photo show Champion / Other performance & costume Horse champion / MEPSA & TOPSA Champion / TOPSA OF performance Hall of Fame

The Gray Ghost - Superior Event #23: American Warmblood / grey spotted, 8 y/o / OF Breyer Gem Twist / Owner: Joanna Richardson / 5300 points in English Performance

Kahlua-N-Milk - Superior Event #24: Paint gelding / overo, 5 y/o / CM PS ISH by Karen Giesbrecht / Owner: Joanna Richardson / 4746 points in Halter

Levan - Superior Event #25: Grant's zebra colt / 4 months, OF Corlett resin / Owner: Joanna Richardson / 2692 points in Halter

Mondo Roc - Superior Event #26: Quarter Horse stallion / buckskin dun 5 y/o / CM PS ISH by Karen Dodds / Owner: Joanna Richardson / 3737 points in Halter

Chasing Buffalo - Superior Event #27: Appaloosa stallion, bay, 6 y/o, CM Breyer Zippo Pine Bar by Tina Brewster, Owner: Joanna Richardson 2657 points in Western Performance

Digby - Superior Event #28: Dutch Warmblood gelding, chestnut, 10 y/o, OF Breyer Big Ben, Owner: Joanna Richardson 2946 points in English Performance

Halifax - Superior Event #29: Canadian Warmblood, bay, 8 y/o, OF Breyer Gem Twist, Owner: Joanna Richardson 6414 points in English Performance

Dreamweaver - Superior Event #30: Paint stallion, grullo minimal white, 3 y/o, OF PS ISH Gem Stone, Owner: Joanna Richardson 3152 points in Halter

Cootamundra Wattle - Superior Event #31: Australian Riding Pony Mare, chestnut, 4 y/o, OF PS Kiss Me Not, Owner: Joanna Richardson 4833 points in English Performance

Smart Little Badger - Superior Event #32: Paint gelding, bay tobiano, 4 y/o, OF PS Rugged Painted Lark, Owner: Joanna Richardson 6296 points in Western Performance

Windsor of Paradise - Superior Event #33: Appaloosa gelding, chestnut blanket, 3 y/o, CM Breyer Zippo Pine Bar by Kate Fisher, Owner: Joanna Richardson 6242 points in Western Performance

Shunka Witko - Superior Event #34: Appaloosa gelding, black leopard, OF Breyer Ranch 'Hank', Owner: Joanna Richardson 7922 points in Western Performance

Autumn Snow - Superior Event #35: Appaloosa filly, dun blanket, 8 month, OF Stone Weanling 'Keepsake', Owner: Joanna Richardson 2726 points in Halter

Ima Painted Doll - Superior Event #36: Paint filly, chestnut overo, 6 month, OF Stone Weanling 'Parr's Dream Doll', Owner: Joanna Richardson 3196 points in Halter

Australian Copyright - Superior Event #37: Appaloosa stallion, bay blanket, 6 years, OF Stone ISH 'Copyright', Owner: Joanna Richardson 2979 points in Halter

Caramello - Superior Event #38: Paint gelding, palomino overo, 6 years, CM Stone ISH by Karen Giesbrecht, Owner: Joanna Richardson 3493 points in Halter

Lakota Eagle - Superior Event #39: Appaloosa gelding, bay blanket, 4 y/o, OF Stone Performance, Owner: Joanna Richardson 6089 points in Western Performance

Isidore - Superior Event #40: Swedish Warmblood mare, bay, 8 y/o, OF Breyer 'Strapless', Owner: Joanna Richardson 8957 points in English Performance

Docís Silver Fox - Superior Event #41: Quarter Horse gelding, blue roan, 6 y/o, OF PS Silver Starburst, Owner: Joanna Richardson 2700 points in Halter

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