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This Hall of Fame closed offically on August 14, 2010 due to the php show program assigning a medallion when the entry reaches the Supreme Champion level.   Since this award is assigned to a single photo entry it has made this Hall of Fame obsolete.

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Plenty Coups - Superior Event #42: Foundation Appaloosa stallion, buckskin blanket, 10 y/o, CM Breyer Adios by Karen Dodds, Owner: Joanna Richardson 2645 points in Halter

Lanarkshire McTavish - Superior Event #43: North American Spotted Draft gelding, bay tobiano, 10 y/o, OF Stone Trotting Drafter ‘Nashville Brass', Owner: Joanna Richardson 2723 points in Halter

Roc’s Misty Morn - Superior Event #44: Quarter Horse filly, grey, 6 months, OF Stone Weanling ‘Chicito’, Owner: Joanna Richardson 2743 points in Halter

Ketchadream - Superior Event #45: Paint filly, Grullo minimal tobiano, 6 months, OF Stone Weanling ‘Kilobyte’, Owner: Joanna Richardson 3730 points in Halter

Stars N Paradise - Superior Event #46: Appaloosa filly, leopard, 7 months, OF Stone Weanling ‘Makin’ The Grade’, Owner: Joanna Richardson 2986 points in Halter

Dowlais - Superior Event #47: Grulla Welsh Pony Stallion, Owner: Cynthia Jameson 2505 in Halter. 2 NAN cards. CM LJA Bravo Resin painted by Dolly Cook.

Lucresha McEvail - Superior Event #48: Tobiano American Spotted Walking Horse Mare o/b Cynthia Jameson - 2515 points in Western Pleasure Other or Gaited, 5 NAN Cards.

Misty Coin - Superior Event #49: Quarter Horse mare, grullo, 6 y/o, OF Stone ISH 'Glacier', Owner: Joanna Richardson 3255 points in Halter.

Painted Cloud - Superior Event #50: Paint mare, bay overo, 6 y/o, OF Stone ISH 'Andrea's Answer', Owner: Joanna Richardson 2977 points in Halter.

CJ's Gift - Superior Event #51: American Saddlebred mare, palomino tobiano, 3 y/o, CM Breyer American Saddlebred SM by C. Jameson, Owner: Joanna Richardson 2574 points in Halter.

Glamorgan - Superior Event #52: Welsh Sec. C gelding, dappled grey, 8 y/o, OF Cheval ceramic, Owner: Joanna Richardson 2917 points in Halter.

Whatta Lil' Roc Star - Superior Event #53: Quarter Horse weanling, buckskin, 8 months, CM 'Still Dreamin' resin by K. Dodds Owner: Joanna Richardson 4611 points in Halter.

Two Clouds - Superior Event #54: Appaloosa Sport Horse mare, dark bay blanket, 8 y/o, OF Breyer Strapless 'Appaloosa Sport Horse', Owner: Joanna Richardson 3081 points in English.

Dusana II - Superior Event #55: Lippizan mare, grey, 12 y/o, Sarah Minkiewicz "Spinnaker" China Owner: Kay Myers 4186 points in Halter - 10 Grand/Res, 51 Champ/Res

CDM Royalty - Superior Event #56: Morgan Stallion, bay, 12 y/o, Sarah Minkiewicz "Lirico" OF China Owner: Kay Myers 3723 points in OF Halter - 8 Grand/Res, 31 Champ/Res

Emelia - Superior Event #57: Arabian filly, chestnut, 2 m/o, CM CAF, CM by Laurie Jensen, Owner: Kay Myers 3691 points in Halter - 4 Grand/Res, 27 Champ/Res

Illusion - Superior Event #58: Hackney Pony stallion, bay, CM Breyer Saddlebred Weanling, CM by Kay Myers Owner: Kay Myers, 3113 points in Halter - 7 Grand/Res, 25 Champ/Res

Waitinginthewings - Superior Event #59: Percheron stallion, dapple grey, Eustis Original "Standing Belgian", painted by Francis Eustis, Owner: Kay Myers, 3349 points in Halter - 5 Grand/Res, 26 Champ/Res

Ironwood Carina - Superior Event #60: Percheron mare, grey, Hagen Renaker "Crusader" o.f., Owner: Kay Myers, 2739 points in Halter - 3 Grand/Res, 24 Champ/Res

Fallingwater - Superior Event #61: TB gelding, chestnut, Hagen Renaker "Man O War" o.f., Owner: Kay Myers, 2653 points in Halter - 3 Grand/Res, 32 Champ/Res

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