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This Hall of Fame closed offically on August 14, 2010 due to the php show program assigning a medallion when the entry reaches the Supreme Champion level.   Since this award is assigned to a single photo entry it has made this Hall of Fame obsolete.

Visit the 115 horses that made it into this Hall of Fame.

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Sabine - Superior Event #81: rose grey Arabian filly, Hagen Renaker Large Zilla OF, Owner: Kay Myers, 2,646 points in Halter, 1 Grand/Res, 17 Champ/Res

CDM Lord - Superior Event #82: chestnut Morgan gelding, Hagen Renaker Mini Morgan Stallion OF, Owner: Kay Myers, 2,733 points in English Event Classes

CDM Crown - Superior Event #83: chestnut Morgan colt, Hagen Renaker Roughneck OF, Owner: Kay Myers, 3,150 points in Halter, 1 Grand/Res, 19 Champ/Res

Dash For Class - Superior Event #84: sorrel overo Paint colt, Breyer SM G2 Trotting Foal CM, Owner: Kay Myers, 3,260 points in Halter, 10 Grand/Res, 14 Champ/Res

Dreamreader - Superior Event #85: bay semi-leopard Appaloosa stallion, Beswick Appaloosa OF, Owner: Kay Myers, 2,848 points in Halter, 1 Grand/Res, 10 Champ/Res

Exxcalibur - Superior Event #86: chestnut Anglo-Arab gelding, Breyer Firebird OF, Owner: Kay Myers, 2,546 points in Halter, 3 Grand/Res, 15 Champ/Res

Dun In Ink - Superior Event #87: buckskin QH colt, Hagen Renaker Mini Head Down Yearling OF, Owner: Kay Myers, 2,602 points in Halter, 5 Grand/Res, 12 Champ/Res

Macha Blue - Superior Event #88: grey Irish Draught stallion, Breyer Ballyduff OF, Owner: Kay Myers, 2,980 points in Halter, 8 Grand/Res, 26 Champ/Res

Sub Rosa - Superior Event #89: palomino ASB mare, Hagen Renaker Honora OF Special Run, Owner: Kay Myers, 3,130 points in Halter, 5 Grand/Res, 18 Champ/Res

CDM Lord - Superior Event #90: chestnut Morgan gelding, Hagen Renaker Mini Morgan Stallion OF, Owner: Kay Myers, 5,386 points in Western Event Classes

Principe do Rodeio - Superior Event #91: buckskin Criollo stallion, Loza QH, Owner: Kay Myers. 3,197 Halter points, 2 Grand/Res, 30 Champ/Res

Prairie Brae Melissa - Superior Event #92: grey-dun Miniature Donkey jennet, OF HR Adelaide, Owner: Kay Myers, 2,617 Halter points, 12 Champ/Res

Nevsky - Superior Event #93: grey Arabian stallion, OF HR Nataf, Owner: Kay Myers, 2,766 Halter points, 2 Grand/Res, 6 Champ/Res

Shake Me Down - Superior Event #94: Shake Me Down, rose grey TWH mare, OF HR Roan Lady, Owner: Kay Myers, 3,029 Halter points, 3 Grand/Res, 25 Champ/Res

McCalls Blue Cat, - Superior Event #95: Grey tobiano Shetland Pony mare, HR Mini Indian Pony CM by Laurie Jensen, Owner: Kay Myers, 2,564 Halter points, 2 Champ/Res

Sava - Superior Event #96: rose grey Arabian mare, OF HR Large Zara, Owner: Kay Myers, 2,776 Halter points, 5 Grand/Res, 21 Champ/Res

Looking Up - Superior Event #97: bay ASB mare, OF HR Honora, Owner: Kay Myers, 2,868 Halter points, 2 Grand/Res, 20 Champ/Res

Roadrunner Kitty Cody - Superior Event #98: chestnut Shetland Pony mare, OF Pour Horse Bressay, Owner: Kay Myers, 2,502 Halter points, 1 Grand/Res, 14 Champ/Res

Heza Dashin Deal - Superior Event #99: palomino QH colt, OF HR Shamrock SR, Owner: Kay Myers, 2,837 Halter points, 1 Grand/Res, 15 Champ/Res

Fallingwater - Superior Event #100: chestnut TB gelding, OF HR Man O War, Owner: Kay Myers, 2,541 English Performance points, 9 Champ/Res

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