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This Hall of Fame closed offically on August 14, 2010 due to the php show program assigning a medallion when the entry reaches the Supreme Champion level.   Since this award is assigned to a single photo entry it has made this Hall of Fame obsolete.

Visit the 115 horses that made it into this Hall of Fame.

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Ladyinthelake - Superior Event #101: grey American Warmblood mare, Breyer Hanoverian CM by Kay Myers, Owner: Kay Myers, 2,599 Halter points, 2 Grand/Res, 12 Champ/Res

Footprint Princess Royal - Superior Event #102: black sabino Clydesdale mare, Breyer SM TB Mare CM by Laurie Jensen, Owner: Kay Myers, 2,990 Halter points, 1 Grand/Res, 7 Champ/Res

CDM Pachinko - Superior Event #103: dark chestnut Morgan stallion, OF HR Lippit, Owner: Kay Myers, 2,836 English Performance points, 15 Champ/Res

CDM Ballerina - Superior Event #104: palomino Morgan filly, OF HR Roughneck, Owner: Kay Myers, 2,773 Halter points, 2 Grand/Res, 9 Champ/Res

CDM Merry - Superior Event #105: chestnut Morgan mare, HR Mini Morgan Mare o.f. Owner: Kay Myers/Caballos Del Mar, 2,707 Halter points, 1 Grand/Res, 35 Champ/Res

Dealin Bad Chex - Superior Event #106: palomino QH stallion, Breyer Big Chex To Cash o.f., Owner: Kay Myers / Caballos Del Mar, 2,518 Halter points, 5 Grand/Res, 16 Champ/Res

Dream Again - Superior Event #107: bay/blanket Appaloosa colt, Breyer Stock Horse Foal CM by Kay Myers, Owner: Kay Myers / Caballos Del Mar, 3,025 Halter points, 10 Grand/Res, 27 Champ/Res

Dunelm Kilmadan - Superior Event #108: bay Clydesdale stallion, Hagen Renaker Clydesdale o.f., Owner: Kay Myers / Caballos Del Mar, 2,723 Halter points, 1 Grand/Res, 19 Champ/Res

Elizja - Superior Event #109: grey Arabian mare, Hagen Renaker Mini Arabian Mare o.f., Owner: Kay Myers / Caballos Del Mar, 2,971 Halter points, 3 Grand/Res, 17 Champ/Res

Flag Dancer - Superior Event #110: grey TB mare, Hagen Renaker Comella o.f., Owner: Kay Myers / Caballos Del Mar. 2,625 Halter points, 4 Grand/Res, 14 Champ/Res

Hi Wire Act - Superior Event #111: grey ASB stallion, Hagen Renaker Mini Saddlebred o.f., Owner: Kay Myers / Caballos Del Mar, 2,922 Halter points, 1 Grand/Res, 20 Champ/Res

Jurisdiction - Superior Event #112: bay Mustang stallion, Hagen Renaker Mini Turning Wild Horse o.f., Owner: Kay Myers / Caballos Del Mar, 2,745 Halter points, 1 Grand/Res, 5 Champ/Res

Karakter - Superior Event #113: golden palomino Akhal Teke stallion, Breyer Fighting Stallion o.f. “Golden Charm”, Owner: Kay Myers / Caballos Del Mar, 2,762 Halter points, 1 Grand/Res, 21 Champ/Res

La Rex Commanderette - Superior Event #114: grey Percheron mare, Pour Horse “Saucy”, Owner: Kay Myers / Caballos Del Mar, 2,705 Halter points, 2 Grand/Res, 19 Champ/Res

Olafur fra Kilhrauni - Superior Event #115: silver bay Icelandic Horse, Hagen Renaker Mini Head Up Pony o.f., Owner: Kay Myers / Caballos Del Mar, 2,929 Halter points, 10 Champ/Res

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