IMEHA Supreme Champion Horses or Longears

For Horse or longears that have accomplished the feat of earning a total of 10000 or more points in either online or mail photo or live shows in both halter & performance and must hold at least a total of 5 NAN cards in halter & performance or have at least 5 Championships in mail or online photo competition.

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Elvis Impersonator - Supreme Champion #1: Elvis Impersonator Bay Saddle Mule John 6 y/o - 13,399 points in Western, English, Other, Harness, Halter, Showmanship. Arabian Costume, and Indian Costume. 20 NAN in Perf and 2 NAN in halter - Shown by Cynthia Jameson now owned by Holly Wheeler.

Comanche's Image - Supreme Champion #2: Appaloosa stallion, black blanket, 8 y/o, OF Breyer Stud Spider, Owner: Joanna Richardson 21,445 points (Halter, English, Western, Native American Costume, Harness, Showmanship and Other)

Shunka Witko - Supreme Champion #3: Appaloosa gelding, black leopard, 6 y/o, OF Breyer Ranch 'Hank', Owner: Joanna Richardson 15,018 points (Halter, English, Western, Native American Costume, Harness, Showmanship and Other)

Windsor of Paradise -Supreme Champion #4: Appaloosa gelding, chestnut blanket, 3 y/o, CM Breyer Zippo Pine Bar by Kate Fisher, Owner: Joanna Richardson 12,787 points (Halter, English, Western, Native American Costume, Showmanship and Other)

Smart Little Badger -Supreme Champion #5: Paint gelding, bay tobiano, 4 y/o, OF PS Rugged Painted Lark, Owner: Joanna Richardson 11,475 points (Halter, English, Western, Native American Costume, Showmanship and Other)

Lakota Eagle - Supreme Champion #6: Appaloosa gelding, bay blanket, 4 y/o, OF Stone Performance, Owner: Joanna Richardson 11,249 points (Halter, English, Western, and Other)

Isidore - Supreme Champion #7: Swedish Warmblood mare, bay, 8 y/o, OF Breyer 'Strapless', Owner: Joanna Richardson 13,701 points (Halter, English, Harness and Other)

Chasing Buffalo - Supreme Champion #8: Appaloosa stallion, bay, 6 y/o, CM Breyer Zippo Pine Bar by Tina Brewster, Owner: Joanna Richardson 10,456 points (Halter, English, Western, Native American Costume, and Showmanship)

Lovely Leorita - Supreme Champion #9: Brown Dove Grulla Appaloosa Mare, Rivera WP Horse painted by Sheri Rhodes, Owner: Cynthia Jameson 15,668 points (Halter, English, Western, Western Leadline, and Showmanship) 4 NAN Cards in Halter and 4 NAN cards in Performance.

Smart Lil’ Amigo - Supreme Champion #10: Paint gelding, bay minimal overo, 6 y/o, OF Stone Performance ‘Apache’s Amigo’, Owner: Joanna Richardson 16,939 points (Halter, English, Western, Native American Costume and Showmanship)

Sweet Medicine - Supreme Champion #11: Appaloosa mare, bay blanket, 6 y/o, CM Breyer Indian Pony by Bette Thatcher, Owner: Joanna Richardson 19,205 points (Halter, English, Western, Harness, Native American Costume and Showmanship)

MRF Hotrod Harley - Supreme Champion #12: Quarter Horse, Gelding, Palomino, 6 y/o, AR Smokin Hot Rod resin Painted by Sherry Rhodes, Owner: Emily Rodgers 10,974 Points (Halter, English, Western, Other Performance) 13 Photo Show Championships 3 Nan Cards

Spotted Owl - Supreme Champion #13: Appaloosa gelding, dun blanket, 3 y/o, OF Stone Western Pleasure, Owner: Joanna Richardson 11,417 points (1277 Halter, 2179 English, 5099 Western, 1602 Harness, 1260 Other)

CDM Lord - Supreme Champion #14: chestnut Morgan gelding Hagen Renaker Mini Morgan Stallion OF, Owner: Kay Myers, 13,578 points (4,607 Halter, 5,386 Western, 2,733 English, 852 Other Performance), 16 Grand/Res, 137 Champ/Res

Dusana II - Supreme Champion #15: Dusana II, grey Lipizzan mare, Minkiewicz China Spinnaker, Owner: Kay Myers, 10,095 points (9,324 Halter, 771 Other Performance), 22 Grand/Res, 123 Champ/Res

Price On Application - Supreme Champion #16: Ponies of the Americas gelding, black leopard, 5 y/o, CM POA by Karen Dodds, Owner: Joanna Richardson 10,243 points (Halter, English, Western, and Showmanship)

CDM Royalty - Supreme Champion #17: bay Morgan stallion, Sarah Minkiewicz China Lirico, Owner: Kay Myers, 11,811 Total points (11,052 Halter, 759 Other Performance)

Entaza - Supreme Champion #18: bay Arabian mare, Bogucki Mini Tifla CM by Laurie Jensen, Owner: Kay Myers , 10,439 Total points (8,058 Halter, 1,663 Costume, 718 Other Performance)

Waitinginthewings - Supreme Champion #19: dapple grey Percheron stallion, Eustis Original Standing Belgian, Owner: Kay Myers, 10,689 Total points (9,393 Halter, 1,296 Other Performance)

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