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Horse Show Ring Entrance

To Show your Model Horse with any of the horse divisions that are currently online you need to go over to the Show Ring. You will find this URL at: Horse Show Arena

Entering Your Horse Photo Show Rules

  1. Entrants must join by registering their Stable or Ranch Name and receive a password. Please be sure to Name your stable or ranch something easy and to remember the EXACT spelling of the name. Please do not use any space or punctuation in the User ID (Stable Name) or in the password. The PHP Program that runs the script and shows can not process these. Entrants will then upload and be responsible for making all entries, deletions and repairs to their images.

  2. IMEHA will assume that the sender of the email is the contact for that entry, but we are not responsible for contacting owners who do not follow this format, are incomplete, or are lost.

  3. When entering IMEHA Shows please do not use any space or punctuation in the filename of the photo or in any of the information such as name of horse, stable/user name, etc. The PHP Program that runs the script and shows can not process these.

  4. Photos must be in .jpg format and no larger than 450 pixels in width and or height, scanned at not greater than 300 dpi or less with a file size of 100k or less. This will be strictly enforced and any other images will be resized by show uploader or deleted at their discretion.

  5. Photos that have been copyrighted, signed or named somewhere on the photo will be allowed as long as the writing or copyright mark does not cover the model in any manner. However, it is suggested that the shower does not do this as many judges will not place these photos as they distract or take away the realism of the entry.

  6. Framed or oval shaped photos will NOT BE allowed.

  7. Horses which are mis-entered (i.e., placed in the wrong color or performance class) will be moved or deleted at the show holders' discretion.

  8. Digital enhancement or touchup of model horse is not allowed. Adding or removing anything from the model in the not allowed. Touch up of background, to increase the plinth or stand that supports any model or removal of plinth or model stands is allowed as long as any editing does not involve any part of the body of the model. Editing is also allowed to resize the photo or to adjust the brightness or gamma and to crop the original photo. The only editing allowed for images is resizing, adjusting the brightness or gamma and cropping. Flipping the photo is allowed - changing the left to right or vice versa.

Entering Your Horse
Step By Step Instructions For Using the PHP Program

  1. When you get to the Main Page of the Arena you will see on the Left Hand Side Home/Login. If your a first time entrant you must name your Ranch or Studio. Be sure to name it something that you can easily remember because in order to log in again you must spell your user name EXACTLY Like you registered as. You will also be required to give a password. Again, be sure to use a password that is easy to remember and write it down somewhere safe. I use the method of emailing myself an email with my user name and password and that way I keep it in my HOLD folder if I forget it.

  2. IMPORTANT: If you do not receive a comfirmation notice that you have been signed up for membership to show with IMEHA within 24 hours after filling out your User ID and Password, email me immediately. It usually means your email account as a spam blocker and you did not receive the reply to confirm your membership. I will have to manually fix that for you so you can log in and show. IMEHA Show Manager Email .

  3. Once you have registered you must upload and identify each horse you wish to show. You do that by clicking on the left hand side menu under My User Page where it says "My Models" You are responsible for uploading, writing up you model descriptions and making your own repairs to your show string. You can modify you uploaded horses at any time by clicking on the Modify button and Delete the photo and all entries in all the shows by clicking on Delete to the right of each horse's name on the My Models Page.

  4. Once you have uploaded your horse you make entry in a show by clicking on the large View link on the left hand menu. You click on "Enter A Show." That will take you to a page that lists all your models plus a link to Add New Models. Under the list entitled "Horse" should be all your horse images. Click on the one you want to enter and that will take you to that horse's page. On that page there should be the "view" on the picture. To enter a model in a show, click the model's name and scroll to the show list on the bottom of the page. That takes you to a list of show's currently taking entries at bottom of the model's description. You then click on the box to choose the class your model is entering with that photo. Hit the Enter button and the entry is completed. You can use the back button at any time while in this program or hit Enter A Show from the left hand menu to get back to the next entry process.

    Any Problems with the Horse Show Program

    If you have a problem with the horse show program taking your data, navigating it or logging on or off, please email IMEHA Horse Show Program.

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