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No use of punctuation in stable or ranch name or in model name or in file name is
allowed as the program that runs this show is written in PHP and can not handle punctuation.

Please limit the name of your model to 35 letters and spaces as program is set to that limit.

Please do not make more than one account.
If you are having problems with the program
Contact IMEHA

Please do not use all caps or all lower case letters in your account name or your model names.

A $10.00 entry fee be paid prior to entering during the first month of showing in any given show year using the Paypal Sponsorship Button on the left side of the menu form. Entrants would need to pay this fee for every 100 photos they upload.

The photo must shown the entire horse in the photo frame, no cut off ears or legs. No hidden legs in tall footing such as out of scale grass or buried in snow or hidden behind another horse such as in multiple horse figurines. Judge's must be able to view the entire model horse.

Scheduling for Shows as Follows:
Shows held on 20th of each month.
Deadline For Entries for the Shows is the 19th of each month at 6 PM PST.
Judging for these shows start 20th of each month 6 PM PST and end 10 days later at 5 PM PST.
However, early completion of judging duties is most appreciated.
Schedule Subject To Change with Notice on the IMEHA Message Board

Sponsorships are cheerfully accepted to help support to cover the cost of parking
the photos and databases that run the shows. You can find the sponsorship button on the left side menu.

Thank you in advance for you support of IMEHA.

Code and Content Copyright © 2005 IMEHA and Cynthia Jameson. All Rights Reserved.