This show is open to photos of live show entries only. There should be no typical backdrops or groundboards used unless they are those built for exhibiting at live model horse shows. Leg tags are allowed on the model.   Ribbons, awards and documentation are allowed in the photo as long as the judge can still clearly see the model. It is suggested that photo of model be taken on a side profile so your judge can best view the whole model.  All sizes and manufacturers allowed in the Original Finish Division and any size Custom or Artist Resin allowed in the Custom or Artist Resin Division.

When entering this show please put the name of the live show the photo was taken at and the date or just the year if you do not remember exactly in the owner's comment line. It will be fun to see whose live shows get representation. You are allowed also to put the name of your judge at that show and how the model placed if you wish but it is not a requirement.

Divisions will be as follows:

Division L1: Original Finish Halter
Division L2: Custom or Artist Resin Halter
Division L3: OF Performance
Division L4: Custom or Artist Resin Performance

Show Entry:

  1. Entries are made using the IMEHA PHP Model Horse Show Program. You will find the Main Page at:
    IMEHA Horse Shows

  2. Entrants must join by registering their Stable or Ranch Name and receive a password. Please be sure to Name your stable or ranch something easy and to remember the EXACT spelling of the name. Please do not use any punctuation in the User ID (Stable Name) or in the password. The PHP Program that runs the script and shows can not process these. Entrants will then upload and be responsible for making all entries, deletions and repairs to their images.

  3. IMEHA will assume that the sender of the email is the contact for that entry, but we are not responsible for contacting owners who do not follow this format, are incomplete, or are lost.

  4. When entering IMEHA Shows please do not use any punctuation in the filename of the photo or in any of the information such as name of horse etc. The PHP Program that runs the script and shows can not process these.

  5. Horses which are mis-entered (i.e., placed in the wrong color or performance class) will be moved or deleted at the show holders' discretion.

  6. If you have questions about the format, email them to the online show manager at: Cynthia Jameson. Use a subject line other than the one for submitting entries.

Before Entering any IMEHA Show:
Please read this Guideline:
IMEHA Guidelines

Classes Listed:
Some shows may have the classes expanded and split out even further to accommodate for large class sizes. You can find which shows have expanded class list when you open the entry form to make your entry.

Scheduling for Shows as Follows:

  1. Shows held on 20th of each month.
  2. Deadline For Entries for the Shows is the 19th of each month at 6 PM PST.
  3. Judging for these shows start 20th of each month 6 PM PST and end 10 days later at 5 PM PST.
  4. However, early completion of judging duties is most appreciated.
  5. Schedule Subject To Change with Notice on the IMEHA Message Board

Results for Shows:
Results from all shows are posted in the Show Arena.    It is advised that you join the IMEHA Yahoo message group for up to the minute updates. The IMEHA Message Group is here: IMEHA Message Group

Championships are achievement via a points system. The model's name will appear in color and a virual throphy "halter cheek piece plaque is given. The points are as follows:
500 "blue" Champion
1000 "green"Superior
2000 "violet"Premier
2500 "purple"Supreme
5000 "maroon"Paragon

Judge's List:
IMEHA Judge's List

Division L1: Original Finish Halter
Division L2: Custom or Artist Resin Halter - excluding Stone or OF C/R
    Sport Breed
  1. Thoroughbred Mare or Gelding
  2. Thoroughbred Stallion
  3. Warmblood Mare or Gelding
  4. Warmblood Stallion
  5. Sporthorse or Carriage or Light Draft Mare or Gelding
  6. Sporthorse or Carriage or Light Draft Stallion
  7. Sport Breed Yearling or Foal
    Sport Breed Champion

    Arabian Breed
  8. Arabian Mare
  9. Arabian Gelding
  10. Arabian Stallion
  11. Arabian Yearling or Foal
    Arabian Champion

    Light Breed
  12. Morgan Mare or Gelding
  13. Morgan Stallion
  14. NSH Mare or Gelding
  15. NSH Stallion
  16. Other Light Breed 14 Hds or Taller Mare or Gelding
  17. Other Light Breed 14 Hds or Taller Stallion
  18. Other Light Breed 13.3 Hds or Shorter Mare or Gelding
  19. Other Light Breed 13.3 Hds or Short Stallion
  20. Light Breed Yearling or Foal
    Light Breed Champion

    Spanish Breed
  21. Spanish Non-Gaited Mare or Gelding
  22. Spanish Non-Gaited Stallion
  23. Spanish Gaited Mare or Gelding
  24. Spanish Gaited Stallion
  25. Mustang Mare or Gelding
  26. Mustang Stallion
  27. Spanish or Mustang Breed Yearling or Foal
    Spanish Breed Champion

    Quarter Horse
  28. Quarter Horse Mare
  29. Quarter Horse Gelding
  30. Quarter Horse Stallion
  31. Quarter Horse Yearling or Foal
    Quarter Horse Champion

  32. Appaloosa Mare
  33. Appaloosa Gelding
  34. Appaloosa Stallion
  35. Appaloosa Yearling or Foal
    Appaloosa Champion

  36. Paint Mare
  37. Paint Gelding
  38. Paint Stallion
  39. Paint Yearling or Foal
    Paint Champion

    Other Stock Breed
  40. Other Stock Breed or Other Stock Registry
    Type Mare
  41. Other Stock Breed or Other Stock Registry
    Type Gelding
  42. Other Stock Breed or Other Stock Registry
    Type Stallion
  43. Other Stock Breed or Other Stock Registry
    Type Yearling or Foal
    Other Stock Breed Champion

    Pony Breed
  44. Stock Pony Mare or Gelding
  45. Stock Pony Stallion
  46. Native Shetland Mare or Gelding
  47. Native Shetland Stallion
  48. American, Roadster or Show Shetland Mare or Gelding
  49. American, Roadster or Show Shetland Stallion
  50. Welsh A & B & C Mare or Gelding
  51. Welsh A & B & C Stallion
  52. Light, Sport or Other Type Pony Mare or Gelding
  53. Light, Sport or Other Type Pony Stallion
  54. Pony Yearling or Foal
    Pony Breed Champion

    Draft Breed
  55. Clydesdale Mare or Gelding
  56. Clydesdale Stallion
  57. Shire Mare or Gelding
  58. Shire Stallion
  59. Percheron or Belgian Mare or Gelding
  60. Percheron or Belgian Stallion
  61. Other Draft Mare or Gelding
  62. Other Draft Stallion
  63. Draft Yearling or Foal
    Draft Champion

    Gaited Breed
  64. American Saddlebred Mare or Gelding
  65. American Saddlebred Stallion
  66. TWH Mare or Gelding
  67. TWH Stallion
  68. Other Gaited Mare or Gelding
  69. Other Gaited Stallion
  70. Gaited Yearling or Foal
    Gaited Champion

    Half or Grade Breed
  71. Part Arabian Mare or Gelding - Registered
  72. Part Arabian Stallion - Registered
  73. Part Arabian Mare or Gelding - Not Registered
  74. Part Arabian Stallion - Not Registered
  75. Part Breed or Grade Other Than Arabian Mare or Gelding
  76. Part Breed or Grade Other Than Arabian Stallion
  77. Part Breed or Grade Yearling or Foal
    Half or Grade Champion

    Long Ear or Exotic Breed
  78. Donkey
  79. Mule
  80. Exotic - Open
  81. Donkey or Mule or Exotic Yearling or Foal
    Longear or Exotic Champion

    Deco or Fantasy Breed
  82. Deco or Fantasy Horse
  83. Deco or Fantasy Pony
  84. Deco or Fantasy Draft
  85. Deco or Fantasy Longear
  86. Deco or Fantasy Foal or Yearling
    Deco or Fantasy Champion

    Overall Champion

Division L3: Original Finish Performance
Division L4: Custom or Artist CM or AR Performance

    Western Pleasure
  1. Western Pleasure Stock Breed
  2. Western Pleasure Arabian
  3. Western Pleasure TB - WB - Sporthorse
  4. Western Pleasure Other Breed or Grade Horse
    Western Pleasure Champion

    Western Arena Trail
  5. Western Arena Trail Stock Breed
  6. Western Arena Trail Arabian
  7. Western Arena Trail TB - WB - Sporthorse
  8. Western Arena Trail Other Breed or Grade Horse
    Western Arena Trail Champion

    Working Western
  9. Western Roping
  10. Western Cutting
  11. Working Cowhorse
  12. Western Other Stock Work
  13. Western Poles
  14. Western Barrels
  15. Western Other Gymkhana
  16. Western Reining
  17. Western Riding
  18. Western Trail Natural
  19. Western Natural Pleasure
  20. Western Sidesaddle
  21. Western Bareback
  22. Other Western Event
    Working Western Championship

    Hunter Under Saddle
  23. Hunter Under Saddle Stock Breed
  24. Hunter Under Saddle Arabian
  25. Hunter Under Saddle TB - WB - Sporthorse
  26. Hunter Under Saddle Other Breed or Grade Horse
    Hunter Under Saddle Champion

    English Arena Trail Horse
  27. English Arena Trail Stock Breed
  28. English Arena Trail Arabian
  29. English Arena Trail TB - WB - Sporthorse
  30. English Arena Trail Other Breed or Grade Horse
    English Arena Trail Champion

    Working English Horse
  31. Hunter Arena or Field
  32. Jumper
  33. X Country or Endurance
  34. Dressage - Lower Level
  35. Dressage - Upper Level
  36. English Barrels
  37. English Games Timed Events or Handy Horse
  38. English Natural Trail
  39. English Natural Pleasure - No arena required
  40. English Sidesaddle
  41. English Bareback
  42. Other English Event
    Working English Champion

    Saddleseat Horse
  43. Saddleseat Park - Arabian & Non Gaited Light Breeds
  44. Saddleseat Gaited Horse
  45. Saddleseat Park - Low Action Horse - Horses, Mules,
    Donkeys, or any other with no high action of the front leg
    nor engagement of the rear leg
    Saddleseat Champion

    Costume Horse
  46. Arabian Costume
  47. Native American Costume
  48. Historical Costume - other than NA or Arab
  49. Holiday Theme Costume
  50. Fantasy Costume or Fantasy Performance
  51. Circus - Other Costume
  52. Parade Street or Show
    Costume Champion

    Miscellaneous Performance Horse
  53. Draft Harness - Collars
  54. Pleasure Harness - Breast Plate
  55. Fine Harness
  56. Dressage - Harness
  57. Any Other Harness Not Listed
  58. Racing or Post Parade
  59. Performance Using Pets To Help
  60. Other Performance - Not Western or English
    Misc Champion

    Overall Performance Champion

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