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Circus - Other Costume

Circus - Other Costume:

This class is open to all circus or other types of equine costumes not previously listed on the current class list.

All costumes are required to have a cinch or surgingle. Exception is any costume that is just a headstall or neckpiece or is intended to be ridden bareback.


Circus costumes may be of any era and may be inside or outside of the Bigtop. Other ideas may be for any Circus parade other than a circus harness entry which should go into the harness section.

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Photo Credit:

Grey Percheron Stallion
Mold: Eustis Original Standing Belgian
Owned and shown by: Kay Myers
Comment Line: Circus costume: Waitinginthewings prepares for his trick riding performance

Photo Credit:

El Kobahr
Info: White/Lt. Grey India cross-bred stallion
Mold: Breyer Silver
Owned and shown by Kimberly Jacobs.
Comments: CIRCUS ACT; Doll by L. Jacobs; Props, tack, photo by K. Jacobs.

Photo Credit:

English Rebel
Info: Black Percheron Stallion
Mold: BHR Companion Drafter
Owned and shown by: Lynn Rhea

Photo Credit:

Info: Bay Thoroughbred mare
Mold: GSC Imports Standing Mare
Owned and shown by: Kimberley Jacobs
Comments: OTHER COSTUME: Contemporary - The Captain of the Sartiglia celebrates "winning the star" by allowing his lady to ride pillion with him in the Oristano Carnival Parade, Sardinia, Italy. This is a modern Medieval-style costume, and with this type of tack, ladies can ride pillion on either side of the horse. Dolls by L. Jacobs; Props, tack, photo by K. Jacobs.

Photo Credit:

Info: Palomino Miniature Pony mare
Mold: Stone Critters Shetland Pony
Owned and shown by Kimberly Jacobs,br> Comments: Circus Costume; Doll by L. Jacobs; Props, tack, photo by K. Jacobs

Photo Credit:

DP Vanity Fair
Info: CM RR bright bay Danish Warmblood mare
Mold: Breyer Classic 'Jet Run'
Owned and shown by: Danielle Seivers
Comments: Circus: Horse watches the ringmaster (off camera) for her next cue.

Photo Credit:

CDM Merry
Info: Chestnut Morgan Mare
Mold: H-R Mini Morgan Mare OF
Owned and shown by: Kay Myers
Comments: Merry is playing the part of a lion in the local fun show costume class - ROAR!!!!

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