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Fantasy Costume or Fantasy Performance

Fantasy Costume or Fantasy Performance:

This class is for any costume that has a fantasy theme. The equine model must a real equine.  No decorator or fantasy models allowed.

All costumes are required to have a cinch or surgingle. Exception is any costume that is just a headstall or neckpiece or is intended to be ridden bareback.

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Photo Credit:

SR Blackberry
Info: Black Friesian stallion
Mold: Breyer Goffert (Labyrinth)
Owned and shown by: A Lopez

Photo Credit:

Info: Gray Oldenburg Gelding
Mold: OF Traditional
Owned and Shown: Nisse Taunt
Comments: The "Calormene noble's saddle" is a costume inspired by C.S. Lewis's book "The Horse and His Boy". The Calormenes love lavish adornments. The jewels and metal work show that the owner is wealthy. Since Calormene nobles often dye their beards red, the large red tassels are meant to show that this horse belongs to a ranking nobleman. The decorative "shields" show that this is a war horse and the high cantled saddle supports the rider during battle.

Approved by IMEHA BoD 2010 
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