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Contemporary Military or Police Costumes

Military/Police Costumes: Where the riders wear uniforms, the horses have standard issued tack, and in a group all look similar except for the emblems of rank and reward. These costumes should be dated from after 1960.

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Photo Credit:

Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Owned and shown by: Kimberley Jacobs
Props, tack, doll, photo by Kimberley Jacobs.

Photo Credit:

Info: Gray Dutch Warmblood mare
Mold: Breyer Strapless cm by unknown artist
Owner: Kimberley Jacobs
Comments: Contemporary Russian Cossack Soldier; Props, tack, doll by K. Jacobs.

Photo Credit:

Info: White Trakehner gelding
Mold: OF Breyer Milton
Owner: Kimberley Jacobs
Comments: H.R.H. Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, c.1961. Doll by L. Jacobs; Props, tack, photo by K. Jacobs.

Photo Credit:

Dover Area Mounted Police
Owner: Kimberley Jacobs
Comments: Dover Mounted Police Force consists of only three horses and do mostly public relations work - riding through neighborhoods, letting the kids and adults pet their horses and reporting on crime problems that the neighbors are afraid of telling to "regular officers." Props, tack, doll by K. Jacobs.

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