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Parade Street or Show

Parade Street or Show:

This class is open to all parade style entries either Stret or Show Arena.

All costumes are required to have a cinch or surgingle. Exception is any parade emtry that is just a headstall or neckpiece or is intended to be ridden bareback.

Street Parade

Street parade entries are typically those made on a western saddle tree with a silver or other highly decorated on the saddle. Stirrups typically have taperdos and saddle pads are made of the corona style. Corona style is that of the saddle pad cut to fit just under the saddle with an edge decorated with pom pom style balls or other decorated edgings. Background for this entry is typically the street of a parade or the parking lot, field or staging area. Extra credit is given for those entries that are carrying a flag or other parade banner or acknowledgement.

Other themes for a street parade may be of cultural, historical and groups. Examples may be things such as Old West, Charros, Rose Bowl, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Mounted Sherrifs Department, any equine group you may see in a street parade. Exception is any harness entry which should go into harness section.

Show Arena Parade

Show Arena Parade is any Grand Entry style entry such as Queen and Princess Court, Mounted Drill Team, Trick Riders in parade entry, 4H Dress Up entering arena in grand entry form or any show team parade entry. Exception would be any harness entry which would go into the harness section.

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Photo Credit:

Aer Sienna
Info: Chestnut Sabino American Saddlebred Stallion
Owned and shown by: Andrea Robbins
Mold: Jennifer Reid's Lord of the Ring by Rita Menard

Photo Credit:

Simplee The Last
Info: Varnish Appaloosa Sporthorse gelding
Mold: CM Hot Chic resin, portrait model
Owned and shown by: Robin Nere
Comments: Warming up in the staging area for the Cinco de Mayo parade.

Photo Credit:

Adrenna Lynn
Info: Black Overo Paint Mare
Mold: Smokin HotChic by Clayton.
Owned and shown by Andrea Robbins

Photo Credit:

Info: Gray Hanoverian gelding
Mold: OF Starlight Porcelain
Owned and shown by: Kimberley Jacobs
Comments: PARADE; Doll by L. Jacobs; Props, tack, photo by K. Jacobs.

Photo Credit:

FS Harkness
Info: brown leopard Araloosa stallion
Mold: OF Stone Arab
Owned and shown by: Jane Ashhurst
Comments: waiting for the Grand Parade to start.

Photo Credit:

Moonlight on Silk
Info: Dappled Gray Thorougbred Gelding
Mold: Stone TB Nazareth
Owned and shown by: Andrea Robbins
Comments: Horse and rider are participating in a parade.

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