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IMEHA Judges

Judges' Tips for A Better Photo Show Entry

If you have ever wondered what a judge looks for in placing their classes in online model horse showing then you need to read this.

Judges share with you their likes and dislikes.   Learn what judges look for in their top placements.   They give you tips on how to improve your photos.   Just check out the left side menu and click on any listed name there to read that judge's tips.

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IMEHA Offers A Fun and Educational Hobby Experience

Check out the other fun and interesting hobby activities. There are Exams to take to test your knowledge of horses and of riding disclipines.   You actually win badges that appear after your name and on your My Model's Page when you complete an exam with an 80% or better score.   You can earn virtual badges and virtual medallions for showing your horses and for participating in judging.

IMEHA has a 180 plus page, "Judges and Showers Guidebook" explaining all the various types of disclipines.   IMEHA has it's own complete set of show rules handbook such like AQHA or USFE.   IMEHA allows you show your horse under the IMEHA Rulebook or you may use USFE, AQHA or any othr association by noting that information in your comment line when making out your horse's entry form.

IMEHA offers an incredible 44 divisions a month.   There are shows for conformation broken out by size and material. There are performance shows with an incredible 188 classes and then divisions assigned first by size and material and then by rider or non riders. There are mold shows where your show competes against the same mold. IMEHA also offers a Doll Handler, a Diorama and a Tack Show where artist can showcase their talents and owners can show off their favorite entries.

IMEHA Online Photo Shows are run by a PHP program where the entrant handles all of their photos and all of their entries themselves. There is no photo album to deal with. Judging is also very fast and there is are no results for the judge to have to type up. The program runs that all. It also does all of the points tabulating and assigns championship titles to the horses when they have amassed the required number of points.   If you have not experienced judging with IMEHA you are in for a very interesting and fun treat.

So click on the IMEHA Show Arena link at the top of this page and start showing with IMEHA today.   Then be sure to join IMEHA Yahoo Message Group to get up to date with all the things happening with IMEHA.

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