Extra Credit Should Be Given If...

Roping Reins and not romal or split reins

Entry Number is shown on saddle blanket or on rider's back.

A comment line that says where the horse is in any pattern

Color co-orindated rider and equipment.

Points Should be Deducted If...

Rider uses spurs forward of the cinch.

Loss of hat

Set-Up Options

Arena Fencing Required:
Indoor or Outdoor Arena
Types of Fencing Allowed
Painted or Natural

Post and Rail

Post and Plank

Chain Link

Solid Plyboard

Plyboard with Top Rail

Post with Drape Rope

Stock Tube Pipe Rail

Interior Arena Wall

Footing Required:


No grass base

No rock base

Backboard or Natural Setting:


Western Other Gymkhana Non Speed - Non Timed Game

IMEHA Definition of a Non Timed Event is as follows:
Some Non-speed games are won by having the most items in a bucket, or by scoring the most goals, or (if egg and spoon or dollar) by being the last to have an egg in their spoon or dollar under their thigh, etc. There are many NON-SPEED/NON-TIMED type games that do not involve crossing a finish line Speed is not involved. Most of these games are about finesse.

These are a few examples of Western Other Gymkhana Non Speed - Non Timed Games. This games are not timed. There are many others that you may use. Just be sure to add a comment line with description of the activity and any reference links if you have one.

Bareback Dollar Bill or Sit A Buck:
Riders ride without a saddle and sitting on a dollar bill throughout a rail class called by a judge. Usual gaits are the same as Western Bareback Equitation classes. Riders with a dollar bill under them when the line up is called in are the ones placed. Judged on equitation and rather or not they kept their seats long enough to hold the dollar bill in place. Rider normally get to keep the dollar as an award along with ribbon of placement based on equitation.

Champagne Glass:
Riders are given a champagne glass filled with fluid. After all the gaits have been performed, the entrant with the most fluid in their glass wins. A different version is when all entrants line up and cross the arena at one specified gait, and the entrant with the most fluid in their glass wins.

Cowboy or Push Polo: In Cowboy Polo riders use a mallet like in polo. In Push Polo riders try to get their horses to push the ball through the cone goals. Team that scores the most goals within set time win.

Egg & Spoon:
Riders are given an egg and large soup spoon. The entrants would be asked to move around the arena at various gaits, such as walk, jog, lope, back, until only one entrant is left with the egg in their spoon.

Ribbon Pairs:
Two riders walk, trot, and canter holding a ribbon between them. The last pair holding the ribbon wins. Four foot ropes are loosely tied to a wire line or a lariat and strung across the arena about 2 feet higher than an average rider's head while mounted on horseback. Heats are suggested to have no more than 8 horses but not a requirement. When the buzzer or music goes off the riders run from a starting line to the other end of arena where the over head rope is strung. Each rider tries to grab for a dangling rope and hand on. After each run one rope is taken away or thrown over top of the over head rope so as to no longer dangle. Heats are conducted like musical chairs in which for example if there are 8 horses 7 ropes are tied until there is only one horse left.

Simon Says or Command:
"Simon" gives equitation commands and the riders must do it immediately. A top judge asks for the hard ones like, 'perform a 180 degree turn away from rail on the forequarter.' Or, 'Turn horse in toward center of arena go 6 strides and then back 6 strides and turn reverse direction on rail.' Announcer or judge who is calling commands must speak clearly and quickly. Riders are asked to come to enter of ring when they have not performed the last command correctly. The last rider on rail remaining wins.

Soda Pop Challenge:
Riders carry a glass of soda pop on their horse. As the competition moves on, you walk, trot, and even canter. When the time is up, the riders with the most soda in their cups win. winners usually win a six pack of soda as a prize.

Examples of Non Timed Gymkhana:
Photo Credit:

Western Other Gymkhana Speed - Non Timed Game

Rio shown as a Bay Roan Foundation QH Gelding is a Breyer Stock Horse Stallion CCM by Sudekum Shown by Sue Sudekum in Push Polo. Comment line reads: Riders try to get their horses to push the ball through the cone goals. Team that scores the most goals within set time win.

Photo Credit:

Western Other Gymkhana Speed - Non Timed Game

Easy on the Attitude shown as a Chestnut Quarter Horse Gelding and is a Breyer Zippo Pine Bar. Shopwnw by andrea Robbins with the comment: Entrant is participating in an Egg and Spoon Challenge. This version of the game is not a race. Riders are given an egg to balance on a spoon. The participants are asked to walk, jog and lope around the ring. If the egg is dropped, the rider goes to the center of the ring. The last rider with the egg in spoon without thumb or body part touching the egg, wins! ENTRY DEPICTS: Entrant is proceeding at a jog as instructed by the ringmaster. Her egg is still balanced on her spoon, but many other eggs have fallen and broken beneath her ! .

Photo Credit:

Western Other Gymkhana Speed - Non Timed Game

Moonlight on Silk shown as a Dappled Gray Thorougbred Gelding and is a Stone TB Nazareth. Shown by Andrea Robbins with the comment: NON SPEED GAME: RIDE A BUCK. The object of the game is to ride around the ring, at the gait instructed by the ringmaster, while attempting to hold a dollar bill between the rider's thigh and the horse's body. No saddle is worn. The last rider, with her dollar bill still held in place, wins the game. ENTRY DEPICTS: Horse moves at a jog as the rider tries to keep her dollar bill in place beneath her thigh.

Photo Credit:

Western Other Gymkhana Speed - Non Timed Game

Goody Four Shoes shown as a Dun patchy blanket American Mustang Mare and is a Breyer Indian Pony/ Shown by Andrea Robbins with a seasonal entry. The comment reads: NON-SPEED GAME: HALLOWEEN RING-TOSS: Each rider has 12 rings, which they must toss one-at-a-time, while moving. Five points are awarded for a ring which encircles a pumpkin. Two points are awarded for a ring which is touching a pumpkin. The rider with the most points wins!

Required Tack:
A western stock saddle without tapaderos. The saddle can have either squared or rounded skirts. Can be gaming, working or show saddle. Breastplates are optional. A saddle pad resting under all pressure points is recommended but not required equipment. A western style bridle (browband, one ear, two ear, with or without throatlatch) with a curb bit including a curb strap or curb chain. Standard snaffle bit and bosal hackamores are permitted on horses 4 and under (5 and under for Arabians and Appaloosas). Roping rein are typically seen. Split reins can be used and are typically knotted together.

Tapaderos are prohibited.

Attire is jeans, trousers or pants over western boots, long sleeved shirts, (vest, tie and jacket are also permitted) belt through loop, and western hat. Chaps are optional.

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