Combined Driving Cones


Combined Driving- Obstacle Cones is a test of the fitness and condition of the horses after the marathon phase. It is also a test of the skills of the driver. It is done in an arena slightly larger than the dressage ring with sandy or grassy footing.

Judged On: Accuracy - the ability of the competitor to complete the course with the fewest faults. Balls are placed on top of orange traffic cones and a fault occurs if they are knocked off when the entry passes. The balls are standard tennis balls or sometimes blocks of wood are used. Usual gait is a reasonably fast trot.

Required Equipment: Pleasure-style harness with a collar or breastcollar. Bit may be any riding snaffle or driving bit. An obstacle is required. Vehicles are similar to those used for show pleasure classes or dressage. Obstacles are numbered with a pair of red and white markers (red on the right). Multiple obstacles (with up to 3 sections) should be lettered A, B, C. Multiple obstacles may be L or U shaped made of raised rails, a serpentine or zigzag of cones, or a low wooden bridge with cones marking the entry and exit.

Optional: Conservative leg protection is allowed.

Driver: Driver attire is formal arena type, with hats, gloves, and jackets or national dress and a whip in hand is required. A driver without a whip in hand or carrying a whip of incorrect length may be severely penalized. Whips should be long enough to reach the farthest horse’s shoulders with the lash. A groom may be seated behind the driver in a four wheeled vehicle and beside the driver in a two-wheeled vehicle.

Prohibited: Obstacles requiring a rein back. Grooms may not stand behind the driver. Points off for horse or vehicle placed too closely to an obstacle so that a knock down will occur. Water is not allowed in Training or Preliminary level. Bridges are not allowed in Training level. No pneumatic tires or wire wheels above Training level.

Extra Credit: When using a bridge, having fan-shaped wings at the entrance. Competitor numbers on harness and vehicle. Showing multiple cone obstacles marked correctly. Course described or attached. Crocheted ear net. Timing devices at start and finish.

Rare Legacy, shown as a Grey Arab stallion, is an OF Royal Worcester Arab stallion.
Owned and shown by Keren Gilfoyle-McGroarty with the comment:
Harness competition: Combined driving; cones section.
Note the required balls on the tops of the cones and the markers
that are red on right, white on left.

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