Cowboy Cart Shooting


Cart shooting is a game where the shooter rides in a horse-drawn cart through a 10-balloon course of fire, shooting the balloons as driver goes past them. Each entrant is dressed in 1860 to 1890s clothing and assumes an alias.

There are 3 categories in the Cart Division:
Combined Team
- One shooter and one driver signed up and compete as a team
Shotgun Shooter
- A shooter that is assigned to a driver/car/horse and shoot for fun.
Pioneer Cart Shooter
- Competitors that shoot and do their own driving. Among the cart shooting contestants currently involved there are levels of experience ranging from the novice to drivers that have won driving championships in various cart and equestrian events.

Judged On: Suitability for the event shown, overall impression of entry, creativity.

Required Equipment: Any type of harness and bridle that is appropriate to the entry. The term 'horse' is used in the following, but includes horses, mules, and donkeys. The term 'cart' is used in the following and includes carts, surreys, buggies, and wagons, but not Chariots. SASS rules above govern firearms, ammo, clothing, and SAFETY. Reinsmanship is judged primarily on the skills of the driver. Documentation is required.

Categories: Combined Team
One shooter and one driver signed up and compete as a team .
Any penalties are applied to the team. Example: A missed target costs both the driver and the shooter five-seconds.
All shots must be taken from the appropriate side of the cart; no 'crossover' shots allowed. Shooting with the right hand requires shots be taken off the right side of the cart. Shots taken with the left hand must be taken from the left side of the cart.
No shooting across the driver's body.
No shooting over or behind the driver's head.

Shotgun Shooter
Shooters that are assigned to a pre-qualified driver / cart / horse and shoot for fun.
Same rules apply as for Combined Team.

Pioneer Cart Shooter
Competitors that shoot and do their own driving.
Only a Pioneer Cart Shooter is allowed to drive his own cart while shooting.
May make crossover shots.

Required: Alais name and category of entry in the comment line.

Additional Rules that Apply to all 3 Shooting Categories:
All carts must be safe and well maintained.
1. Period vehicles are preferred, but not required.
2. Harness must be safe and maintained. Leather preferred.
3. Hitches can consist of one or two horses.
4. Carts shall have seats for both the driver and the shooter.
5. The Match Director determines the course of fire with input from a designated Cart Shooter representative. Cart Shooting scenarios will not always follow the same Mounted Shooting pattern due to turning and safety restrictions.
6. All cart teams are required to attend a Cart Shooters meeting before each stage.
7. Each driver/horse team must prove themselves to be a safe team.
8. In case of a crash or any broken parts after a stage starts, one must STOP IMMEDIATELY. The contestant or team is given a 99.99-second time. One may change carts and/or harness for the next stage and injured horses may be replaced with horses trained for cart operations, as approved by the Match Director.

Combined Team Entry:
Jerry Gold driving Mickey Michel a.k.s. Pasquel Benito.

Combined Team Entry:
Retlaws Dulcie Pi drives while Red Sky shoots.

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