Miscellaneous Harness


All other harness entries that do not fit into the other classes, including (but not limited to): Roadster Pony, Reinsmanship, Presentation, Phases 1 and 3 of TREC driving, Putting-To class, harness games, harness quadrilles, combination saddle and harness events, Concours d’Elegance, carriage dog class, driving clinic, very unusual hitches, etc.

Judged On: Suitability for the event shown, overall impression of entry, creativity.

Required Equipment: Any type of harness and bridle that is appropriate to the entry. Horses being untacked in the show ring must be bridled at all times. TREC Driving uses marathon carts and harness. Roadster Pony is a show ring class that uses racing-style harness and sulkies. Reinsmanship is judged primarily on the skills of the driver. Documentation is required.

Driver: Driver attire varies to match the entry.

Prohibited: Unsafe equipment. Entries that better fit in other classes.

Miscellaneous Harness - Dalmatian Road Trial :
Jabberwackier, shown as a Red Roan Pinto MFT Gelding, is a Stone Palouse CCM by Sue Sudekum. Shown by Sue Sudekum with the comment: Dalmatian Road Trial. A Dalmatian Road Trial is a performance event designed to evaluate the Dalmatian's ability to coach, or follow the horses. Exhibitors compete as handler on horseback or in a horse-drawn cart or carriage, with dog(s) off leash.

Miscellaneous Harness - Roadster:
Prince of Buckingham, shown as a Bay Hackney Horse Stallion is an OF Starlite creation Resin. Owned and shown by Dianne Teachworth with the comment: Roadster class for hackney horses, must show the trot at 3 different speeds (jog, road gait and trot at speed), Prince is showing his jog (slow trot with lots of action).

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