Miscellanous Sleighs

All other sleigh entries that do not fit in the other classes go here, including sleigh dog class, sleigh clinics, Currier and Ives class, sleigh games, sleigh trail, unusual hitches, etc.

Judged On: Suitability for the task shown, overall impression of entry. Horse should appear under control at all times. Sleigh rally classes are judged to the same standards that the class depicted would have for a wheeled vehicle. Gaits are usually walk and trot, but cantering is allowed outside of a show setting.

Required Equipment: Collar or breastcollar harness. Harness must have breeching. Bridle with throatlatch, browband, noseband, and lines. A vehicle with runners is required. Footing should suggest snow. Documentation is required.

Optional: Lap robe and whip. Protective legwear is permitted. Bells are permitted where appropriate.

Driver: Driver attire varies to match the entry, but is commonly winter clothing of some sort. Safety equipment such as helmets is acceptable.

Prohibited: Harnesses without breeching unless documented. Bells that interfere with the horse or reins. No cantering in show events. Sleighs may not compete in a Combined Driving style marathon. Snow should not appear to be too deep – never more than knee deep, and preferably much less. Entries that would better fit in other classes.

Extra Credit: Foot heater. Sleigh bells. Detailed documentation.

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