Pleasure Harness


All breeds are eligible and can be exhibited as a show ring or street scene entry. All wheeled vehicles are permitted. Single horses or any combination of hitch are allowed.

Judged On: Manners and obedience. Horses should walk energetically but calmly and perform even and moderate gaits (walk, slow trot, working trot, extended trot). Teams should be balanced and work together. Horses may also be asked to back up.

Required Equipment: Pleasure type harness with either a breastcollar or full collar, traces, pad with terrets, back strap, shaft loops, crupper, and girth, though harness style will vary. Bridle with noseband, throatlatch, browband, blinkers and lines. Breeching should be used with a Meadowbrook cart.

Optional: Overchecks if used should not interfere with the horse’s head set. Sidechecks may be used. Horses shown in a snaffle may use a running martingale. Braided manes. Arena fence is optional.

Driver: Clothing is neat and conservative. Men wear a jacket and slacks or suit. Women may wear a long dress, slack suit, dress suit, dress or blouse and skirt. Bare shoulders are considered inappropriate and floppy hats are discouraged in the show ring. A hat or helmet, gloves, aprons and lap robes optional for both sexes. A show-ring driver without a whip in hand or carrying a whip of incorrect length may be severely penalized. Whips should be long enough to reach the farthest horse’s shoulders with the lash. Grooms may wear stable livery (conservative jacket, suit, or hunting attire, white shirt, dark tie or a stock, slacks or jodhpurs, and hat or helmet) or full livery (close fitting body coat with metal buttons, white breeches with tan tops, white stock, black top hat and gloves). One person may stand at the horse’s head while in the lineup but must stand 2 paces from the horse's head and must be attired with the standard dress code.

Points off for: Flank straps on a single horse (not needed). Different colored buckles from the color of the bit.

Prohibited: Boots of any kind. Artificial tail sets.

Extra Credit: Junior competitors wearing helmets. Competitor number on harness or vehicle.

Note: Saddlebreds to be shown with a driver only to a two wheeled jog cart. Driver to dress conservatively; horses are shown at the walk, trot and extended trot only.

Rare Legacy shown as a Grey Arabian stallion, is a Royal Worcester OF China Arab stallion.
Owned and shown by Keren Gilfoyle-McGroarty with the comment: Carriage driving - extended (strong) trot.

Isn't She Lovely, shown as a Chestnut Standardbred Trotter Mare, is a CM PS Palouse by Kristina Lind.
Owned and shown by Dianne Teachworth with the comment: Pleasure driving at a nice trot on the rail.

In Pleasure Driving when a draft horse is entered, it may wear a breast plate or a draft collar style harness.
General Lee, shown as a Bay Clydesdale Stallion, is a Breyer Clydesdale.
Owned and shown by Dianne Teachworth with the comment: Draft horse, Pleasure Driving at a walk.

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