Show Draft Harness


Show Draft Harness is open to heavy draft horses and other breeds that are shown in a full draft style collar (like Fjords, Haflingers, Draft Mules, etc.) May be hooked to a cart or wagon in singles, pairs or tandems (2 horses), Unicorn (3 horses), Four-Up, Six-Up, and Eight-Up hitches.

Judged On: Manners and obedience. Horses should walk energetically but calmly and perform even and moderate gaits (walk, slow trot, and working trot). Teams should be balanced and work together. Teams (especially of four or more horses) may be asked to fan (horses sidestep to pivot the front wheels without moving the wagon; first 90 degrees to the right, halt; back to center, halt; 90 degrees to the left, halt; then back to center).

Required Equipment: Draft show harness with collar, hames, traces, girth pad with loops, back strap, and breeching (for shaft vehicles and for the wheelers of a hitch); and a bridle with blinkers, a driving bit, and lines/reins. Liverpool, Buxton, and Elbow bits require a curb chain. Scotch Peaked collar is suggested but not required. Single horses may show with either breeching or a cart harness with a crupper. Cruppers are used if there is some kind of breeching; otherwise they may be omitted.

Optional: Sidechecks of chain or leather are common- they fasten at the cheek ring or sometimes to the bit (for more control over a green or active horse). Overchecks are also used. Traces end with a chain link hooked onto the vehicle. Horse may be decorated with rolled manes and knotted tails, ribbons, poms or flowers; harness brasses may be found at the face, blinkers, chest, back (kidney flap) and trace carrier at the breeching, or on the collar peak.

Driver: Clothing is neat. Men wear a jacket and slacks or suit. Women may wear a long dress, slack suit, dress suit, dress or blouse and skirt. Bare shoulders are considered inappropriate and floppy hats are discouraged in the show ring. Whip, hat or helmet, gloves, aprons and lap robes optional for both sexes. A groom may stand at the head of any single or hitch. They are required to stand 2 paces from the horse's head and must be attired with the standard dress code.

Don't be fooled by: Snaffle bits, flanks straps for single horse (for wheelers on a multi hitch) Two hip straps are unusual but they do appear especially in Russian and Fancy harness of foreign countries.

Prohibited: Sleigh bells. Tandems should not be asked to fan or back up. Working harness entries.

Extra Credit: Matching color schemes, carried out with ribbons, clothes, vehicle colors, felt pads under harness saddle or collar. Competitor numbers on bridle and/or vehicle.

Tullamore Dew shown as a Liver chestnut sabino Clydesdale gelding, is an OF PS trotter.
Owned and shown by Robin Nere with the comment: Quiet trot in Single Cart, Ladies to drive class.

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