Sleigh Parade or Costume


Any parade harness, costume harness, or decorated harness entry. This includes modern or historic parade harness, any type of horse-drawn winter parade float, very fancy troikas, and sleigh costume harness entries. Any size or type of hitch is acceptable.

Judged On: Suitability for the task shown, overall impression of entry, and creativity. Street parade entries should appear calm and safe to drive through large crowds of people, though flashy or high-stepping trots are allowed.

Required Equipment: Harness suitable for the entry. Any style of harness or vehicle with runners may be used. Breeching is required unless documented otherwise. Documentation is encouraged for unusual entries.

Optional: Harness or vehicle may be decorated with plumes, streamers, flowers, ribbons, lights, bells, flags, and other decorations. Attendants or grooms may lead the horses.

Driver: Driver attire varies to match the entry. Anything from costumes to uniforms to street clothes are allowed. Warm clothing is suggested.

Prohibited: Decorations or items that appear to be unsafe or that would interfere with the movement of the horse or vehicle. Parade entries may not canter.

Extra Credit: Matching uniforms or outfits on driver or attendants. Horse “diaper” (attaches to breeching or shafts of cart), or “pooper scooper” volunteer!

Russian Troika; Props, tack, sleigh, doll, photo by Kimberly Jacobs.
Troika harness the left side horse's head is pulled off to left and right side horse's head is pulled off to right. Only the center horse pulls directly ahead. The horses are trained to pull the troika in this manner. The center horse acts as the weight pulling horse and the two outside horses act as embellishment to the harness.

Christmas theme sleigh harness entry by Kimberley Jacobs.

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