Sleigh Pleasure Harness


Note: a vehicle with runners is required for all classes in this section. Footing should suggest snow – ankle deep or less is preferred.


All breeds are eligible and can be exhibited as a show ring or street scene entry. All vehicles with runners are permitted. Single horses or any combination of hitch are allowed.

Judged On: Manners and obedience. Horses should walk energetically but calmly and perform even and moderate gaits (walk, slow trot, working trot, extended trot). Teams should be balanced and work together. Horses may not canter in an arena setting.

Required Equipment: Pleasure type harness with either a breastcollar or full collar, traces, pad with terrets, back strap, shaft loops, crupper, and girth, though harness style will vary. Bridle with noseband, throatlatch, browband, blinkers and lines. Breeching is required unless specific documentation is included.

Optional: If used, overchecks should not interfere with the horse’s head set. Sidechecks may be used. Horses shown in a snaffle may use a running martingale. Braided manes and loose tails. Arena fence is optional. Conservative leg protection is allowed. Bells may be used if not in an arena setting.

Driver: Clothing appropriate to the weather is all that is required, although dolls may also be attired more neatly with fancier show-style jackets. A hat or helmet, gloves, aprons and lap robes are optional for both sexes. Show-ring drivers should have a whip in hand. One person may stand at the horse’s head while in the lineup but must stand 2 paces from the horse's head.

Points off for: Flank straps on a single horse (not needed). Different colored buckles from the color of the bit.

Prohibited: Artificial tail sets. Cantering in an arena setting.

Extra Credit: Junior competitors wearing helmets. Competitor number on harness or vehicle.

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