Winter Harness Racing


Every type of winter harness racing goes in this class, including trotters, pacers, riderless (driven) skijoring, and informal racing. Winter racetracks usually have flat groomed snow.

Judged On: Suitability for event depicted. Overall impression of entry. Trotters trot; pacers pace; skijoring trots or canters. Informal racers may use any gait.

Required Equipment: Racing-style harness appropriate to entry. Modern trotters and pacers generally use nylon racing harness and lightweight sulky sleighs. Skijoring uses a lightweight harness with a water ski-style handle attached to the traces.

Optional: Protective boots, hoods, blinkers, and other aids. Pacers may use racing hobbles to help keep their gait. Race track.

Driver: Driver attire based on the type of race depicted. Trotters and pacers wear winter racing silks or ski suits. Skijoring wears a ski racing suit and skis.

Prohibited: Trotters and pacers may not break gait. No bells on race track style entries.

Extra Credit: Racing numbers. Matching color schemes between harness, driver, and sleigh.

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