Working Sleighs


This class is for any entry depicting harnessed horses working for a living in the winter, as opposed to show-ring harness. This includes: professional sleigh ride company, winter logging, street vendors, bobsleds, maple sugaring, delivery vehicles with runners, bobsled Omnibus, etc. Nearly any historic vehicle could be put on runners in the winter.

Judged On: Suitability for the task shown, overall impression of entry. Horses should appear calm and safe to drive in traffic or other working situations. Working horses mainly walk and trot. Historic runner vehicle entries are allowed in this class.

Required Equipment: Working- style harness appropriate to the entry. Please note that this class covers a large variety of harness types and documentation is encouraged as correct harness for each entry will vary. Most harnesses should have a collar (or breast collar for lighter vehicles only), girth, back strap, traces, and breeching (for shaft vehicle and for wheelers of a hitch). Bridle with snaffle or driving bit and driving lines (usually brown in color regardless of harness color due to sweat from driver's hands and discoloration of leather dye).

Optional: Blinkers may be optional depending on the style of harness. Farm harness may have rope for driving lines. Horses may wear halters under their bridles, and have lead ropes attached. Vehicles may be incredibly varied in type. Bells are allowed. Farm harness may use short reins or jockey sticks to eliminate some reins on very large hitches. Protective legwear is allowed.

Driver: Driver attire varies. Anything from casual work clothes to a specialized uniform is acceptable, as long as it matches the style of the entry. Winter clothing is suggested.

Prohibited: Scotch Peaked Collar, Fine Harness.

Extra Credit: Horse “diaper” (attaches to breeching or shafts of cart), on city entries. Blankets or other consideration for the horse’s warmth.

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