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International Model Equine Hobbyists Association
1984 - 2018
Judges and Showers Performance Guidebook

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   Cynthia Jameson

This site is intended to be useful to those who are interested in the Judging of Model Horses. It can be used by judges and exhibitors. It is not perfect or does it have everything ever written for model horse show rules. It is the IMEHA Board of Directors hope that it will be useful in that it will help the online and mail in model horse exhibitor set up their photos correctly and that judges will find it a fair and useful tool. Any comments are welcome.

The profiles on this site were first taken from United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) and the governing breed specific association rulebooks such as American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA). They were then placed on the IMEHA Discussion Board as to how these rules pertain to the showing of model horses and discussed by the membership and then voted in as IMEHA Approved Guidelines. We encourage other model horse mail in and online photo holders to approve and sanction this site so we may achieve a total balance in model horse mail in and online photo showing. If you have a club and wish to approve these guidelines for your club just email us and they will add you the the Sanction List.

IMEHA Board of Directors 2018:
Cynthia Jameson - President
Joanna Richardson - Vice President
Jean Derench
Sallie George
Julia Gronroos
Stephanie Michel

Sanctioned by:
Breyer Model Horse Registry
President: Steph Michel
Offers: Monthly Photo Shows, Annual Nationals, and Year-end High Point Awards
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Photo Credit
Top Photo:
Name: Catch My Drift
BREYER Connoisseur Model
2008 NAN OF Western Pleasure Champion - Stock Type
Saddle By Brooke Perry
Bridle & Breast Collar By Julia Harmon
Doll By Susan Hargrove

Middle Right Photo:
Name: PT Cruiser
Smokin' Hotrod Resin, Sculpted & Painted By Sheri Rhodes
Tack By Elaine Sulser
Doll By Susan Hargrove
Photo taken by owner
Susan Hargrove

Bottom Left Photo:
Name: Moonlight on Silk
Shown as a Dappled Gray Thorougbred Gelding
Mold: Stone TB Nazareth
Comment: The Farrier has come to put shoes on Mary's new horse.
Photo taken by owner
Andrea Robbins

Approved by IMEHA BoD 2010 

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