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Western Working Events

This site is intended to be useful to those who are interested in the Judging of Model Horses. It can be used by judges and exhibitors. It is not perfect or does it have everything ever written for model horse show rules. It is the IMEHA Board of Directors hope that it will be useful in that it will help the online and mail in model horse exhibitor set up their photos correctly and that judges will find it a fair and useful tool. Any comments are welcome.

The profiles on this site were first taken from United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) and the governing breed specific association rulebooks such as American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA). They were then placed on the IMEHA Discussion Board as to how these rules pertain to the showing of model horses and discussed by the membership and then voted in as IMEHA Approved Guidelines. We encourage other model horse mail in and online photo holders to approve and sanction this site so we may achieve a total balance in model horse mail in and online photo showing. If you have a club and wish to approve these guidelines for your club just email us and they will add you the the Sanction List.

IMEHA Board of Directors 2010

Working Western Tack

Western saddle of any style but usually a saddle with a second cinch is used to ensure less stress on the horse's loins and back. If a second cinch is used remember to use a rear-cinch connecting strap. Five and under horses show in a bosal or a snaffle bit. Reins can be split, romal or closed/roping but you should check each class for ruling as romal reins for forbidden in cutting. Breast collars are often used. Leg protection is necessary on all four legs and horses wearing it should be given credit over bare legged entries. An exception is Western Riding where no leg protection is used. Only one hand on the rein unless the bridle is a snaffle or a hackamore bosal. Mechanical hackamores are not allowed in the class unless stated. Gag bits, wire curbs or a chin strap under one-half inch wide are forbidden equipment. In some classes nosebands, tie downs, martingales by not be used so check for those conditions for each class.

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Name: OJF Tulsa Tyme
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Susan Hargrove

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