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Sylvia Antonio - Shy Unicorn Stables

Xavie Augenblick - #345 - ReCreation II (Model Horse Props)

Tracie Bell - Carillon Customs

Elaine Botten - River Bend Farms

Julie Bundy - Whispering Winds Studio

Nikki Byler - Buckner Valley Farm - Focusing on Tennesssee Walking Horses, Appaloosas, Paint Horses, Cattle and Big Game.

Nicki Collins -

Irene Lynne Conrad - IC PearlMoon Stables

Yvonne Davies - Stillwater Valley

Roy & Susan Dayal - Dayal Arabians

Kathy Dodson - Me-Dow Stables

Brenda Gallagher - Patrtiot's Pride Farm/Tack

Randa Garrett - Twin Springs Stables

Kollean Gouyton - Stone Wolf Creations & White Wolf Stables

Amanda Greaves - Ymagier Model Horses/Pallas Athene Stud

Darlene "DJ" Heth - Widaan Stables

Wendy Hinson - Kehilani Park Stud

Betty Hook - Eclipse Acres Model Horses

Betty Hook - Eclipse Salukis

Betty Hook - Eclipse Prepping Service

Kari Filip - Thunder Valley Farm

Amy K. - On Into Canter

Arla Kean - Centaurcrafts

Natalie Kilpatrick - Keilatan Studios

Dainelle Kinsel - Magik Rose Farm/Sounds Like Poetry Stables

Terry Martin - Slash V Kennel & Studio

Meredith McFadden - Dragon Ridge Stables/Kennels/Studios

Kris McHugh - Timber Hill Horses

Steph Michel - Dragon's Rest Stables - (BMHR Registrar)

Donna Miller-Shannon - Donna's Model Horse Page

Rachael Mogielski - Custom bridles, growing sire/dam list with champion bloodlines

Marie Phillips - Tardis Stables - Hand-painted Custom Model Horses

Kimberlee Najera - AK Model Horses

Vicky Norris - PCF Custom Tack

Tashia Parizek - Virtue-L Farms

Deb Poole & Jane Freeman - Dragon Stone Studios

Jean Radde - Black Winds Farm

Laura Sammon - Distant Fire Ridge Model Horse Stable

Marlis Schoenfeld - Crown's Stud Farm (Homepage is in German but we speak English, too.)

Amy W. - Akela Farm

Lea Wilkinson - Dark Storm Studio

Mindy Winchester - Model Horse Site

Mindy Winchester - Winchester Horse Pottery

Lauren Wood - Full Moon Farms


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